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    5-06-2023, 19:46
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    World Conqueror 3
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    Android 4.0+
World Conqueror 3 – at the start of the game, you will become a commander and get an army under your control. At the start, your forces will be quite modest, consisting of recently recruited soldiers, and quite poorly suited for real battles. It is not advisable to send them directly into battle. Your goal is to turn them into a large and well-trained army, which will have to go from victory to victory. In order to manage the army, you will need generals, who do not forget to prepare in the first place, because not the least of them depends on whether you will be able to win or not. Commanders can be divided into several types, and will be suitable for a wide variety of tasks. So your primary goal is to make sure that all the commanders are in the position. For which they are best suited, this is extremely important, you do not need to assign anyone, otherwise it can be much more harm than good. At the start, your commanders may be mediocre enough leaders, but if you spend enough time on them, they can surprise you with their capabilities. Download World Conqueror 3 for Android, it is already only for the sake of such advantages, not every mobile game can please with something like this.

In the game you will find a series of military companies, in which you first have to bring all the neighboring countries to their knees. Expanding the territory of your state, after which you will have to conquer the world. The plot is closely tied to world history, so many of the events that you could observe in reality will be reflected here, too, this will also benefit the game exclusively. You will have to develop endlessly, get a variety of new technologies, and then you can use them to destroy your enemies. In the game you will find a huge number of combat tasks, all of them will be richly rewarded, and in themselves quite interesting. So doing them in any case is not a burden.

To complete the game, you need to think through your actions, plan a future offensive, and solve many more tasks necessary for success, so that during the passage, you can feel like a full-fledged commander. The game has a fairly beautiful and detailed graphics, and just pleases with its appearance, the advantages of this scale are very much here.

game Features:

  • Large military map covering the world;
  • Many interesting military companies;
  • Interesting and challenging opponents that are not easy to beat;
  • Unexpected plot twists that greatly complicate the passage.
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