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    5-06-2023, 17:54
  • Name
    Toca Life Stable
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    Android 4.1+
Toca Life Stable is a magical fairytale game that aims to care for and care for horses. The toy is ready to immerse into an amazing universe of adventures and fun events. Here you can do whatever you want: clean the horse's mane, achieving silkiness and Shine; learn to sit on a horse and properly saddle a beautiful animal; go for a walk through picturesque places, driving a hoofed cab and trot, or prance elegantly. However, in addition to pleasant activities and entertainment, the player will have to feed the Pets and clean their stalls from accumulated manure.

In addition to the above features, you will be available to the arena, where the skills and abilities of the horse are tested and evaluated according to the achievements won. Later, as a reward, you can visit a nightclub and have a good time, or have a snack in an elite restaurant. For fans of a simpler pastime provided modest eateries and cafes, or a community of bikers for fans of extreme sports and activities associated with the release of adrenaline. There is also a luxurious forest where you can walk and put your thoughts in order, relaxing to the singing of birds and the crunch of twigs under your feet. For the last event, you only need to equip a horse to go out into nature and go towards adventures. Do not forget about the perfect chance to take a morning shower in the waterfall.

To download Toca Life Stable you do not have to pay a fee or wait tiresome long download distributions. The installation procedure is fast and does not require much effort, but very soon there will be the ability to travel to a variety of locations without leaving the house. Each world has its own unique atmosphere that sets the mood and gives a solid positive. During the gameplay, you can shoot a video for memory, and later demonstrate the achievements to friends and family.

Updates and notifications will be sent to your Inbox so you don't miss the most important events in a fantastically cute and cozy world. The kids will surely appreciate the cuteness of the animation and the pleasant sound of voices, because positive surroundings and good mood are the most valuable things in the life of small, still naive, children. Do not be afraid to explore the map and do not forget to visit the shop with goods that can decorate the horse or make it more effective.
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