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GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

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    27-11-2019, 11:03
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    GTA San Andreas
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    Android 3.0+
GTA-probably it will be impossible to find at least one person who would not have heard of such a legendary game, and it turned out really great, there Was a game originally on the computer, but from there it was very quickly transferred to mobile devices, where you can watch it now.

You have to play for an interesting character with a difficult fate, his relatives were killed, and the hero is pursued by the police, although he is not guilty of anything. As a result, you will have to solve a huge variety of problems that will constantly arise on the way to get the hero out of trouble is difficult enough, but if you try, it is quite possible.

At the same time, it is necessary to add at once, you will have almost full freedom of will, it is understood you can move on a plot branch. But if you get tired of it, you can give up on it, and then do what you want. As you progress through you will receive missions, they are very diverse, and will not make you bored, as a rule, most of the available tasks will be one way or another side related to crime. You, for example, will have to steal cars, or kill someone, jobs of another type is almost there.

In addition, you will find a solid supply of firearms, as well as cars and other vehicles that you can reasonably safely use for their needs. In addition to cars, you can even fly helicopters, which will be especially interesting. GTA San Andreas, is for the sake of such an interesting set of advantages, as you can see for yourself. And in addition, there are many buildings and institutions that you can visit, you, including even a meeting with friends can go. Or visit the strip bar which is also available in the game.

However, it is necessary to warn that the application is somewhat demanding to your device, so that you can fully run it not everywhere. However, as you should understand, such a disadvantage emerges exclusively from the highest characteristics of the game, so that you should treat it quite leniently. Although before you install something like this on your device. You want to make sure that the characteristics of the smartphone, really fit the game, and you have to go, without it, something to do is simply meaningless.

game Features:

  • Excellent as for mobile devices graphics;
  • Interesting story that has many forks in the road;
  • User-friendly controls that will allow you to solve most of the problems;
  • Sound optimization.
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