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Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

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    15-11-2019, 14:18
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    Mass Effect: Infiltrator
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    Android 2.2+
Mass Effect-it will be difficult to find at least one person who would never have heard of this legendary series of games, its popularity it fully deserves to be understood. It appeared to be understood on the computer, but soon, the developers quickly moved it to mobile devices, where you can watch it now.

First of all, it should be emphasized that the mobile version turned out just fine. And not inferior to the computer. It has a great modern graphics, which is also accompanied by a huge set of not only visual but also sound effects. For each action, there was set its own successful and unique sound. Well, of course the game pleases the process of passing, you will be waiting for a lot of dangerous enemies at every corner, using a solid set of weapons, you must quickly destroy them, simultaneously performing a variety of tasks.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the magnificent plot, the story is really interesting, twisted and not inferior to some good science fiction film. Pleasing and interesting characters, made at the highest level. Even minor characters, well-designed, and delight with their unique characteristics, about the key characters, and do not have to talk. Of course, the game boasts a first-class Russification, so you can easily understand all the intricacies of the plot. Some significant drawbacks are not observed, there is no advertising, so that distract you during the passage, will not, there are no paid features, after you install the application on your device, all its features will be at your service for free. Download Mass Effect: Infiltrator for Android, as you can see for yourself, it was worth it solely for the sake of such a set of features.

The only key difference from the computer version, here will perform except that the control, which was originally created for devices with a touch screen. However, to say that it was uncomfortable, in any case it is impossible, on the contrary most of all very functional. It is also worth noting the sound artificial intelligence, the opponents are very smart and act competently, so with the overwhelming numerical advantage, you can get a lot of problems. Unfortunately, thanks to the high-quality picture, the game turned out to be very heavy, and will not go everywhere.

game Features:

  • Very good graphics and a decent set of visual effects;
  • Interesting component of the story;
  • A lot of interesting characters;
  • Large Arsenal of available weapons;
  • Interesting opponents.

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