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Defense Zone 2 HD Lite

Defense Zone 2 HD Lite

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    12-03-2023, 10:26
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    Defense Zone 2 HD Lite
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    Android 2.3+
Defense Zone 2 HD-sound mobile strategy, which will not be able to leave indifferent, any real fan of the genre. The toy turned out quite successful, and has a solid set of advantages, the main of which is the plot. During the passage you will be transported to the distant future, where you will find a lot of adventures. People have made a technical breakthrough in terms of development, and created a huge amount of new and effective weapons that you will now have to use. Just need to add that this is the second part of the game, and it turned out to be no worse than the first, on the one hand, absorbed all its advantages, on the other hand, multiplied by a solid number of new ones.

In some ways it can be attributed to the genre of tower defense, you have to build defenses with turrets. Moreover, everything will significantly complicate the fact that you will be available, unfortunately, a limited number of buildings, so every time you have to think well about your strategy, planning to win, in certain conditions.

There is a very good graphics, the world is very bright and literally shimmers with colors, look at something like this, you just have to. Sounds in General are also good, each type of weapon has its own unique soundtrack. Download Defense Zone 2 HD Lite for Android, you can already for the sake of this, if you really like good mobile strategy, do not even doubt everything you want is waiting for you here.

The main feature of the game, it is, of course, its strategic component, in each case, you will have to wait for a different task, the standard scheme to apply, just do not work, it is necessary to think through every action. Building an ideal network of defense structures. Which is guaranteed to be able to restrain the hordes of enemies that will press on you.
Opponents you will have a complex and interesting, and besides, they are still a lot, and each has its own individual characteristics, to which you will need to understand quickly adapt. If you do not want to lose understand. The application is perfectly optimized, and should be fully run on most modern devices. In addition, it should be mentioned that several languages are supported here, and it is understood among them, you can find, including Russian, which will greatly facilitate your passage. Still there are several levels of difficulty, from simple to frankly complex.

game Features:

  • Well-designed and beautiful world;
  • Good graphics and interesting sound effects;
  • Lots of really dangerous enemies;
  • Convenient management, which should make it easier for you to pass the process.
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