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Defense Zone 3 HD

Defense Zone 3 HD

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    3-10-2022, 15:30
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    Defense Zone 3 HD
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    Android 4.1+
Defense Zone 3 HD-an original strategy for people who love massive colorful battles. The game is already the third in the series, and it turned out to be quite good, here are the advantages of the previous parts, and at the same time add a lot of new and interesting features. First of all, the creators have focused on a variety of protective structures, adding a lot of new ones. In the game, you will see a really extensive selection of castles and defensive structures that can then be used to protect yourself from opponents.

The game will require you to have a sufficiently developed strategic thinking, you will not only have to think about your defense, but also plan attacks on enemy bases. In battle, you can use the most non-standard strategic schemes. For decisive victories over the enemy, do not forget about your army, try to improve it, and add new effective fighters. To create an army and build all sorts of defensive structures, you in turn will need useful resources, so do not forget, including to deal with your economy. Recruit workers who will be engaged in construction for you, and build a variety of useful structures, the stronger your economy, the faster you can get complex units. Agree for the sake of such opportunities download Defense Zone 3 HD for Android is not worth it. Here you need to add that the starting army will consist mostly of regular infantry, but as you develop, you will be able to use artillery and aircraft on the battlefield, which will be just incredibly effective. They should not be underestimated, in any case, they will be useful to you in order to quickly destroy large concentrations of the enemy. In addition, you will have machine guns, which will also be really indispensable weapons. At first, the number of the enemy will be counted in the tens, but the further away, the faster their number will grow, so in the future you will find real hordes. As you progress, you can easily rebuild all available structures, adjusting them to your current needs. Any building can be improved many times, so that they more effectively perform the tasks assigned to you at the moment and change them at the moment when the tasks change.

Main features of Defense Zone 3 HD:

  • Huge set of strong enemies;
  • A solid set of tactical schemes that you can use for an effective battle;
  • Convenient and functional management;
  • Large set of available units;
  • Interesting system of pumping structures.

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