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PUBG MOBILE-originally the game appeared on computers, where it caused a huge stir, which as you know, and influenced the transfer of the game to mobile devices, where you can watch it in our time. Its main feature is that it turned out to be completely free, so nothing will interfere, install it right now.

The main plus is that when you transfer the game has not undergone any special changes, acting almost a full copy of the version from the PC, except for the management, which has been optimized for mobile devices, so that it was much easier to play.
The gameplay is quite simple, one location is a group of people, of which there should be only one. So wait for you will be a bloody battle in which all converge against all. Download PUBG MOBILE for Android, as you can see very quickly, is already solely for the sake of this.

On the stratum you will jump from the plane, with a parachute, then landing, you will be able to choose the place in which you want to land, then you will have to quickly get yourself weapons, and then you are waiting for numerous battles with opponents. There are a lot of weapons here, there are also machine guns and grenades. In addition, there are helmets and body armor, which are also very useful to you for survival. Without having reliable protection, it is better not to enter the battle, otherwise one bullet can completely disable you.
It is also worth emphasizing that the area in which you can move, regularly narrow, and you must always be in the circle, otherwise the level of health will regularly fall.

In addition, at your service will be a solid set of a variety of transport, which will allow you to quickly get to the desired location. Ignore transport as you should understand, is also not necessary, opponents can be at a considerable distance from you. So it is only in order to get to them, you will need a lot of time, so it will be important to accelerate to the limit.

You can also add that the game has been worked out quite soundly realism, so the movement of transport and the battles themselves, look quite interesting, you can not do impossible tricks, but everything that is present, exceptionally stable pleases. Well, the main feature of the toy is its complexity, you will fight against really dangerous and experienced players who will be able to deliver you a lot of problems of different kinds.

game Features:

  • Interesting graphics;
  • The overall level of difficulty;
  • A lot of enemies;
  • Large stockpile of available weapons.
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