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Rival Kingdoms: The Endless Night

Rival Kingdoms: The Endless Night

  • Updated
    9-11-2022, 16:55
  • Name
    Rival Kingdoms: The Endless Night
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Rival-Kingdoms-before you quite an original strategy, which includes not only elements of the actual strategies, but also many other genres. The result is a fairly original story, which at the same time should not leave you indifferent. The strategic component plays an important role here, so you will have to plan a lot, sometimes making very important decisions. The plot of the game, as in many of its analogues, will develop in the middle ages, which gives the game a certain romantic connotation, because how not to twist, despite everything, people love that time period. True, the world here is not quite like the usual all the middle ages, there will be Titans and all sorts of magic, which you will have to manage, changing the world as you go.

Using all the units available to you, you will get a chance to conquer the world, conquering all the surrounding territories to begin with. In the game you can build your own structures and destroy enemy ones, prepare your huge army, and then lead it into battle. Agree that all of these features will be enough to download Rival Kingdoms: The Endless Night for Android, the game turned out to be very successful in any case, so it should not disappoint you with its features. First of all, it is understood that before starting a large-scale war against opponents, take care of your economy, you will need many minerals, and just a variety of structures, because in order to create a huge army, you will have to keep it for something. If you try to organize large-scale battles before your army is really ready for such a thing, you will most likely find yourself in a very unpleasant situation when there is neither money nor an army.

The game is really well developed, the world is extremely bright, colorful and cute, all the characters and just locations, worked out literally at the highest level. Please and a variety of sound effects, which are quite at the height, as a rule, each action is accompanied by a frankly successful sound, to say something bad about the game, it just does not work. At the same time, like many good things, the game has some set of disadvantages, for example, it turned out to be quite demanding to your hardware, so it will go, unfortunately, not on all devices, old smartphones like this applies first of all. Before you install it on your device, first make sure that it will work for you.

game Features:

  • Convenient and functional management;
  • Quite an interesting story component;
  • Bright and successful graphics.
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