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Party Hard Go

Party Hard Go

  • Updated
    7-08-2020, 08:54
  • Name
    Party Hard Go
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Here before you is quite an interesting game that can be attributed to the horror genre, but the role of a maniac in the game will have to perform for you. The plot here is this, you play as a man who hates noise. While he has very noisy neighbors who can not leave our hero alone, attempts to calm them down end in nothing. So you will have to pick up a knife and then use it to destroy the source of the noise.

The game turned out to be quite dark, but at the same time interesting, so if you consider yourself among the fans of the genre, then download Party Hard Go for Android, you just need to be sure, you can make sure that this game will not disappoint you. In terms of graphics, everything is also quite good, it was done exactly according to the canons of the genre, so at least you will not cause rejection. It is both dark, but at the same time something attractive picture, with some references to famous horror movies.

The gameplay is quite interesting, each time you will have one goal, think carefully about the plan, how you can deal with the victim, you need a clear strategy, because one wrong action, and everything for you can end in a loss. We also need to add that the game was created primarily for an adult audience, so it's better not to show it to children.

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