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    17-01-2023, 13:59
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    DragonVale World
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    Android 4.4+
DragonVale World – quite an original farm simulator, in which you will have to breed not some animals, but real dragons. There are a lot of them in the game, and you can interact with them all widely. At the start, your Pets will be small lizards, but it will not be for long, if you take care of them carefully, they will turn into huge monsters. You need to take care of them as carefully as possible, feed them everything you need, and so on. Along the way, you must develop your farm, erecting all sorts of buildings that will be necessary for you to care for the dragons. At the start, you will be able to breed only two types of dragons, but this will not always be the case, as you develop, you will actively get new types that will bring a pleasant variety to the gameplay. You will get new types by crossing existing characters with new ones. Regularly displaying something new and interesting.

Gradually developing the farm and bringing out more and more dragons, you can get access to the arena where the competition between dragons takes place. There will be no battles here, your main goal is to make the dragon fly as fast as possible ahead of all your rivals. Winning in the arena, you can earn quite serious amounts in domestic currency, which in turn will be spent on the development of the farm. Agree to download DragonVale World on anroid you can already for the sake of such opportunities. People who are tired of standard farms and want something new and just unusual, the game should like it in any case.

Since the competition between dragons takes place at speed, you do not need massive and clumsy monsters, breed light and fast creatures, first of all, breed exactly such creatures. Crossing the best specimens to improve the quality. The world in the game turned out to be quite colorful, detailed and generally pleasant. The sound is not particularly great, but generally pleasant, and there is no desire to turn off the sound in any case. Management turned out to be convenient and practical, all the control elements are where they should be, so that greatly simplify life. In addition, the game has a Russian-language localization, which greatly simplifies the gameplay, you can easily understand what is required of you in the game.

features of the game.

  • Interesting gameplay;
  • A huge number of available for breeding dragons;
  • Beautiful and well-designed graphics;
  • Ability to arrange a confrontation with live players;
  • Convenient and practical management.
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