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Invasion: Modern Empire

Invasion: Modern Empire

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    10-05-2023, 15:14
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    Invasion: Modern Empire
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    Android 4.0.3+
Invasion: Modern Empire – here you can watch a strategy with a twisted story that will not make you bored. In the game you will have to become the commander of a large army, and then lead it to victory. The game will have to perform a variety of missions, destroying enemies in the process. Your main goal is to win everything you can reach, and destroy anyone who might get in your way. Initially, your army is quite modest, it means that it is well prepared, but it is not ready for real combat operations, so first of all you have to prepare your soldiers for battle. And also get the most modern military equipment. You will have access to helicopters, all kinds of ground equipment and artillery. Which in turn will help you effectively destroy the enemy, more advanced technology almost automatically means a decisive victory over the enemy.

Conquering new lands, do not forget about the industry and useful resources, they will be required for you to move forward decisively. So if you want to fight regularly and win victories, first of all make sure that you have everything you need for these very victories. In the rear of your army should be huge factories without interruption supplying you with everything you need. As you progress through and develop the economy, you will be able to create more and more deadly equipment. At first, you will have a small set of available weapons, but over time you will get tanks and fighters under your control. Download Invasion: Modern Empire for Android, you can already exclusively for the sake of such opportunities, the game will not make any fan of excellent strategies bored.

The strategy boasts excellent three-dimensional graphics, the world is worked out incredibly carefully, and can please with a great picture and exciting gameplay. It is especially worth emphasizing the high-quality detail of many small details, they are worked out very well, so you will probably be interested in bringing the game closer and considering many small details. In addition, the enemy here is smart enough, competently comes and does not do absolutely stupid things. So if you relax, the enemy will almost instantly sweep you away, so be prepared to constantly and rapidly attack, without slowing down in the process.

game Features:

  • Incredibly high-quality graphics;
  • A large set of troops that can be used for battle;
  • High-quality Russian-language voice acting;
  • Interesting plot;
  • Ability to play together with your friends.
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