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Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi

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    12-02-2021, 16:25
  • Name
    Ninja Arashi
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    Android 2.3+
Ninja Arashi-a well-designed arcade game, which primarily boasts a really good graphics component, the world turned out to be extremely bright, so it pleases only one of its successful appearance. In the game you have to take control of the hero, and then help him in his journey full of difficulties, it will seem very difficult. But if you try hard, you will be able to perform all the tasks set before you here. The game is well designed, so it can please really high-quality picture, and more than decent music. With all this here is really good, the game came close to the title of a masterpiece. Also, you will find a large number of thoughtful missions that seriously diversify the passage, make it not only more difficult, but also more interesting. And for the successful completion of a variety of missions, you will receive nice bonuses.

The game has quite an interesting story, because you will play for a powerful ninja, whose demons stole his son. Now your key goal is to return the child, and brutally take revenge on the monsters who ventured to encroach on the Holy. You will go to the abode of demons, but it will not be easy, because in your way will stand a huge number of enemies, and a variety of traps. Use the skills of the character to successfully move forward, simultaneously destroying enemies, for the destruction of opponents, you will receive points and all sorts of resources. Download Ninja Arashi for Android, but you can already for the sake of such opportunities. The game takes us to ancient Japan, and the design of the world turned out to be extremely believable, here you can see the architecture, which is famous for the country. Or, for example, cherry blossoms, which even in the game look very beautiful. All these advantages make the game a real masterpiece.
Exploring the world around you, you can find all sorts of caches, which will be both gold and all kinds of weapons, they are useful to you in battles. And defeating really strong enemies, you will get a variety of artifacts that should strengthen you extremely.

Feature of game:
  • A large set of interesting levels, each of which turned out to be unique and just unusual;

  • Interesting fighting system. It is really original and unconventional here;

  • Convenient and simple functional control that will allow you to move freely around the world;

  • Interesting graphics, which resembles something comics, with a lot of bright effects.

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