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    20-05-2020, 09:03
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    Heroes of Dragon Age
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    Android 2.3.3+
Heroes of Dragon Age-fantasy has recently enjoyed considerable popularity, so it is not surprising that there are new games dedicated to this topic. One of them is right in front of you, here you have an interesting strategy, made in a step-by-step form. You will have to take control of the brave warriors, and then enter into numerous battles, taking control of a large group of brave warriors. The gameplay will take place in a variety of locations, each of which is quite beautifully designed, so it pleases with its appearance. In addition, there is quite an interesting story that you will get access to gradually as you progress. This will also serve as a good decoration of the game.

In the game you will have to win regularly over numerous opponents. At the start, your army will be quite small, but it will not be for long, as you progress through the number of your soldiers will grow, you will be able to regularly replenish their ranks with more effective fighters. But at the same time, the danger of the enemy will grow, they will also have regular replenishment in the form of really effective fighters. So there is a race of development ahead of the curve, always try to develop faster than your opponents. The battles themselves are held in automatic mode, you can't take part in them, you just enjoy really colorful battles. Download Heroes of Dragon Age for Android, you can already only for the sake of such features.

When recruiting your army, you must take into account the unique characteristics of your fighters, they will usually have not only strengths, but also weaknesses, which also should not be forgotten, any side should be reliably covered, using fighters exclusively where they belong. Don't try to give a fighter a task that he just isn't designed for. It is also worth mentioning that the game has an interesting system through which you can spend your real money on development. No one will recommend this to you, but if you want, you can easily invest real money in the game, and strengthen your army by an order of magnitude, which in turn makes it much faster and easier to win victories in battle. For example, thanks to real money, you can get an elite army at the start.

game Features:

  • Interesting story component, the story here is really bright and interesting;
  • Lots of special effects that are pleasing to the eye;
  • Excellent optimization, it will work on almost any device;
  • A large set of original characters, with a variety of characteristics.
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