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Among Us

Among Us

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    19-04-2022, 09:54
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    Among Us
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    Android 6.0+
The popular card game is called the Duel of Masters. Its popularity continues to increase every day. The game is gaining a lot of new fans. When they find out the essence of the plot, it is difficult to find yourself in real reality after that. Each participant of the game finds himself in a completely different world. There is a lot of space here, a lot of new opportunities.

Each player is faced with funny events. Probably, the participant will be lucky and he will become a leader who cannot be overcome. For example, Kirifuda managed to do this with Decca, who was a fantastic partner, similar to a card deck.
There are strong civilizations in a unique world. The residents here have unique abilities. The heirs, who were raised by a bright civilization, have quite smart mechanisms.

Each resident is considered a reasonable person. Therefore, when the battle begins, it will be an opponent that is difficult to overcome. In the natural civilization there are many plants and animals that have miraculous powers. The civilization associated with water is guarded by leviathans and warriors who live inside the sunken cybergord. The dark civilization is filled with terrible, terrible events. This earth is sent by apathetic worms. The inhabitants of the fire civilization have fire powers. Here you can see dragons with intelligent robots.

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