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    19-04-2022, 09:23
  • Name
    Zumba Revenge 2020
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    Android 5.0+
Zuma's Revenge is a computer game that belongs to the genre of puzzles. It was published by PopCap Games. The game was released on September 15, 2009. It was suitable for Microsoft Windows and macOS X. It became a continuation of the game called Zuma, created in 2003. After some time, it was ported to Windows Phone. The essence of the feature of this game is the presence of graphics that are made in high quality. Players are given the opportunity to complete several levels using various new features. The game has many battles and bosses.

When February 22 came in 2011, a version for the Nintendo DS was introduced. It has a lot of daily challenges, you can use the mode with confrontation and achievement. Of course, there is a simple plot. However, there will always be imitators and clone makers. During the loading of the game, a cartoon screensaver scrolls. An amphibian needs to swim on a fragile raft. He has a pantaloon sail that will help to overcome the rough sea.

The new game is similar to its predecessor. In the center you can find a branded frog. She is in the plot all the time. She has a lot of colorful stones in her mouth. The action takes place at a high
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