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Word Search

Word Search

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    30-10-2018, 18:28
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    Word Search
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    Android 4.0.3+
Word Search is an application developed by the Angry Kraken, specifically for mobile phones and tablets running Android. It became popular after its release in 2016. A game Board with different letters appears in front of the gamer. The letters must be composed of certain words related to the selected genre.

After you install the game on your smartphone, you will have the opportunity to spend a few free minutes pleasantly and usefully. It significantly increases memory performance and improves its performance. The level gives the user time to find the maximum number of correct words. Stages have requirements that must be met. In the beginning, everything will be quite simple, but gradually the tasks will become more complicated.

Main features of the app:

  • Free choice of stages and their difficulties.
  • High-quality and bright graphics with a blue background.
  • You can choose how many fields there will be.
  • The game is saved automatically, which allows you to exit it at any time. The gamer returns to the place where he finished last time.

The interface is in Russian, and the music is quite pleasant and relaxing. In the advanced settings, you can remove or return music.

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