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    11-02-2020, 14:53
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    Android 2.3+
Slither.io - application based on the classic snake, which appeared on the old and immortal Nokia. The most adored game of all gamers, which has the properties to relax and strain at the same time. Once you start it, it is almost impossible to stop, as it captures the entire human mind. Developed by Lowtech Studios specifically for mobile phones and tablets under the Android system.

This application provides an opportunity for everyone to try to take a look at the new version of the famous snake. The most important difference is that the action takes place online and you will be in the company of real gamers. You will be able to meet characters of different sizes and levels. It is better to run away from the big ones, as they will be able to absorb you, and you can eat the little ones. The main goal is the mass eating of colored balls flying around the location. They will make you bigger and stronger.

If a small hero will hit in much more, the first will break up into small kruglyashki, then you will need to start all over again. The longer your character is, the faster he moves around the virtual universe. Easier management you just did not see. Your hero will be guided by a finger located on the display of the device.
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