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    9-04-2023, 16:35
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    Dead Cells
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    Android 7.0+
Dead Cells is considered a rather difficult game. However, that's why she's so funny. Players can always make a test of their abilities. When death comes, you have to start the process all over again.

There are several tips and tricks. They will help simplify the very achievement of victory.
Here are some important recommendations.
It turns out that life can be saved with the help of somersaults. When enemy attacks occur, you can use them to dodge. Tumbling will help to further damage the enemy.
The enemy is stunned when the door breaks.
We need to open as many doors as possible.
Enemies are constantly hiding behind them.
You should definitely use drawings with runes.
When the game starts, you need to collect as many drawings and runes as possible. During any race, this will give advantages.
It is necessary to remember in which direction the enemies are moving.

Of course, it's impossible to deal with bosses. Each of them is capable of committing murder. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise some caution. They recommend studying the tactics of their attacks. When they meet again, it will help to overcome them.
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