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The Catapult 2

The Catapult 2

  • Updated
    8-05-2022, 08:30
  • Name
    The Catapult 2
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  • OS version
    Android 5.1+
The Catapult 2 - has become a game that belongs to the action genre. The player will use the catapult machine by shooting stones. They will help in the destruction of towers and mechanisms. The game has excellent graphics. Managing the process is quite simple. To do this, you need to tap on the screen, then pull it to get charging.

In the plot there is an attack by enemies of the fortress where the main character is located. After downloading the latest version of the mod of the game, it is allowed to use a combat vehicle. It was used earlier, when there was an ancient time. You can get rid of enemies with the help of heavy objects. The load for destruction can be dropped over a long distance. This helps to cause significant damage, to break the surfaces of the walls, if you are behind the citadel.

Enemies keep appearing all the time. Therefore, greater precision in defeat is needed to defeat them. It is necessary to collect trophies, spend them not only for pumping skills and upgrading in the mechanism. They will be useful to develop your stronghold. The enemy needs to use different long-range siege engines. Therefore, it is recommended to have similar weapons and equipment. This game for Android smartphones was admired by a large audience. Therefore, its creators did not think long with Ali. They started releasing the second part. Here again there is the famous character Stickman.

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