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I, The One: Драки на Выживание

I, The One: Драки на Выживание

  • Updated
    1-05-2022, 08:45
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    I, The One: Драки на Выживание
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    Android 6.0 и выше+
The One Action Fighting Game is a cool casual action fighting game with PvP gameplay. Gamers, when they choose a suitable fighter, taking into account their criteria, get into a not very large location, an arena. They can move and strike accurately at the right moment. You just need to get used to the controls a little bit. Any match turns out to be a big dump when there are a large number of enemies. It is not the most dexterous and skillful who wins here, but the one who is just lucky. It is always necessary to show more attention and dexterity. After all, you can get confused and fly out at the very beginning of the battle. Well, the final matches for the first place will be really intense and spectacular.

What advantages does the game have.
There are different cool characters in the game.
There is a PvP mode that will allow you to defeat rivals from all over the world. There is an opportunity to get more points after each victory. Here, when the game continues, the currency is given, with which the character is pumped. Players make the opening of new arenas, starting with the tops of skyscrapers, ending with offices. Boxing and MMA training will come in handy to win. With the help of equipment with boots, the character is strengthened. Pumping skills of a fighter takes place in a sandbox mode. There is a vertical and horizontal orientation.

I, The One has the look of a fun and epic game that fits a smartphone. In the plot, gamers must go through different locations. First you need to decide on the main character. Each unique and epic location is made with a bright, colorful landscape.

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