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Warplane Inc. Dogfight War Arcade & Warplanes WW2

Warplane Inc. Dogfight War Arcade & Warplanes WW2

  • Updated
    5-05-2022, 17:28
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    Warplane Inc. Dogfight War Arcade & Warplanes WW2
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    Android 5.0+
Warplane Inc is a game that looks like a unique mobile simulator. When the Second World War begins, the main player must fly an airplane. The game is made in a classic format. There is a unique gameplay here. Therefore, when the game is just beginning, it is already impossible to break away.

One day there comes a moment when it is necessary to defend the motherland. Relentless enemy attacks continue every day. This terrible bloodshed cannot be allowed to continue. The player needs to direct the plane in a horizontal plane, which has a certain length.

This 2D aviation simulator will allow the player to learn the history of a hypothetical war. She will tell you what heroes and victims were then. You can also get information about how military aviation has developed. The gamer must learn how to fly, to win missions, to earn money that will make it possible to tune the aircraft. After the acquisition of a nuclear bomb, it will be possible to launch it into action. When this happens, the explosion process cannot be stopped. The game has a real armored car. Only with its help it is possible to overcome dangerous airspace. To buy an airplane and improve it, you will certainly need money.

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