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Hunter Assassin 2

Hunter Assassin 2

  • Updated
    25-04-2022, 15:10
  • Name
    Hunter Assassin 2
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Hunter Assassin 2 – has the appearance of a concise and rich 2D action, where the player must act in such a way that he is not noticed by the guards. Sometimes there comes a time when modern 3D games get bored, there is a desire to be in childhood again. The Hunter Assassin game will certainly be what you need.

The gamer needs to track down his goals in order. It is recommended to use the environment and shade to hide from the lanterns. Every corner can hide a second machine gun. The attack must always be made quickly. You need to kill the enemy unnoticed. When one goal is achieved, valuable expensive stones will appear. It is worth using expensive stones for
unlocking the killer.

The game is like a minimalistic action game that has two-dimensional graphics. The user needs to perform control over an invisible warrior. The main character must be at the facilities where there is security. Passing each level, the characters need to avoid the light stream, which is studied by the lanterns. For faster passage of each level, it is necessary to search for inconspicuous opponents inside the maze, and slowly remove one by one. There are three types of killers here.

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