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Galaxy Attack (Premium)

Galaxy Attack (Premium)

  • Updated
    1-05-2022, 10:57
  • Name
    Galaxy Attack (Premium)
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    Android 4.4+
Galaxy Attack (Premium) – a game that looks like a galactic arcade. The hero needs to protect the planet when it was attacked by aliens. At the same time, you need to control the spaceship. These aliens are absolutely merciless. The player must deal with countless enemy hordes.

There is the presence of excellent lighting and special effects.
Many bonuses are included.
The leaders are entered in the table.
The essence of the game itself.
It is necessary to deal with the movement of the spacecraft.
The player kills the intruders.
A spaceship sometimes needs an upgrade.

This fantastic shooter has vertical scrolling and traditional gameplay. After the conspiracy, an armada of ships was sent to the planet. They are ready to carry out the occupation with the destruction of the planet. You will play the role of a hero who single-handedly challenges the invaders. In this game you control a spaceship and fight off all enemies. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your ship to reach full capacity. The main features of the game are stunning explosions and cute special effects, bonuses and a global leaderboard. Get a lot of adrenaline when the process begins.

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