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    25-04-2022, 15:33
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    First Strike
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    Android 5.0+
First Strike: Classic - has the form of a global strategy. The player needs to lead one world power that has nuclear weapons. The essence of the goal is that it is necessary to bring the state into the lead. The player can act and make decisions as he wants.

The creators managed to achieve a unique project. A real nuclear war is shown here. In the process, such an atmosphere has been created when a nuclear conflict is not avoided. Now the home planet needs help.

The player must first make a choice of his side. After the choice, the solution of a difficult task will follow on your shoulders. It will be necessary to determine such a strategy for the power to win. The outcome of the war will depend on this.To seize new territories, it is necessary to use nuclear weapons. There are three parties involved in the conflict, represented by North Korea, America, and Eastern Europe. There are simulator elements in this interesting and dynamic strategy. The plot touches on a rather serious topic. The game is based on harsh geopolitical realities. You can expect the outbreak of war anytime. Every moment of the game is thought out to the smallest detail.
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