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Shadow King : fighting of Kung fu

Shadow King : fighting of Kung fu

  • Updated
    25-04-2022, 15:33
  • Name
    Shadow King : fighting of Kung fu
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Shadow Kings – has a strategy genre for android. Simplified gameplay is implemented here. There are also clans that are equipped with group chats with different tools. This all helps to provide mutual assistance when unforeseen situations arise. Enrichment can be achieved by attacking an enemy settlement.

According to the plot, the harmonious world has been in excellent condition for a very long time. Its residents have never had to think that one day everything will end. Different races lived on its territory. They once managed to find a common language. When the difficult period of the working day ends, you definitely need to start the game. Bright, interesting characters always have a subtle humor.

Therefore, adults and children love them. From the first time, you might think that the game looks like a children's cartoon. Its plot is filled with goblins, orcs, dwarves, fairies, and other creatures from fairy tales.
The creators were able to achieve an amazing, beautiful, dynamic project. It is decorated using the dark style of dark fantasy. Cutting-edge effects have also been introduced. The toy combines several popular genres. It consists of action, RPG, adventure, fighting game.

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