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Robbery Madness 2

Robbery Madness 2

  • Updated
    22-04-2022, 22:20
  • Name
    Robbery Madness 2
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Robbery Madness 2 - has the form of an adventure quest. The main place in it is given to a beautiful robot, whose name is Robbie. At his home factory, he must restore order. He needs to find four chips. Rusty's old robot lost them.

When the hard day ends, the robot went to the cleaning machine. He sees that his friend has been washed very well. Then he wanted to be cleaned as well. However, the car rejected him and exploded. After that, chaos appears in the robot factory. All robots become evil after that. The hero must go to the factory to find the lost chips. You have to help him solve puzzles, help him cope with the dangers that involve water, lava, electricity. Of course, there are evil robots that prevent the world from returning to the factory.

The game has elegant graphics, there are many exciting levels. It is worth helping Robbie in an important task when he is helping his home planet. The game size is 27.2 MB. After installing the game, there will be no restrictions. So that the factory where robots are made is not closed, the little hero will have to make an effort. However, there is another problem. One day, an unknown reason appeared that provoked robot breakdowns. Most of them turned into zombies. Only Robbie can fix it. Therefore, you need to have all the spare parts that are missing.

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