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Towerlands - strategy of tower defense

Towerlands - strategy of tower defense

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    6-05-2022, 09:50
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    Towerlands - strategy of tower defense
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    Android 5.1+
Towerlands is a game in which you need to create the best bills. To do this, they offer the best units that the player can use. It is necessary to connect them with limited resources to understand the process.

The player must decide on the right choice. Therefore, the best Towerlands units are collected. They are added to the tower when building Towerlands. This will help to win over the waves. We've already shared some basics about this (and much more) in our Towerlands guide. Therefore, it is definitely worth reading the recommendations in order to have a few additional tips. The moment has come to consider a very important topic.

Units are important items that you need to use to create a game tower. This will require the presence of modules with turrets. They are used to improve the tower. First you need to decide which units to give preference to when you need to build a tower. How all Towerlands units are unblocked. The essence of the main way to do this is to increase the level. Along with this, special units will be unlocked, which will help to defeat certain map objectives.

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