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Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

  • Updated
    19-04-2022, 09:29
  • Name
    Treasure Hunter
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  • OS version
    Android 5.0+
Treasure Hunter — has the form of a free simulator. Gold must be searched using a metal detector ohm. During the game, you can see various funny quests and an exciting storyline. The game contains real events.

The player has to search for kdad and dig the ground at the same time. He will face different adventures. Everything happens on the territory, where there is a picturesque area. Ancient Monastic settlements are located here. This location has a famous history. The residents who live here are not evil at all. We can say that they are a little tricky. They are familiar with many local stories and rumors. The participants of the game travel in the open world. They go through different quests and they meet many unique characters. When there is further progress in the plot, the difficulty in finding new items gradually increases. There is an opportunity to visit the store. With its help, they are engaged in pumping equipment.

This helps to get more effect if you search for treasures. Aborigines always need help. Players become the owners of awards. During the game, many interesting locations open up. Each player makes his own decision which way to go.

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