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    19-09-2023, 09:47
  • Name
    The Greedy Cave
  • Version
  • Category
    Role playing
  • OS version
    Android 2.3+
The Greedy Cave is a strategy that can't leave anyone indifferent to true gamers. The story of the game takes place in the middle ages, where there are wars between kingdoms, which involve magicians and all sorts of monsters. Here is just such a game, bright and interesting. In the game you need to fight, while exploring a large enough world, the game has a lot of picturesque structures, and just the surrounding scenery at a height. There are interesting characters whose history is curious, and in General the game's plot is very cheerful, so it should not disappoint. You will play as a guy who went down to the underworld, where he travels in search of adventure. The main goal of the hero is to find out what exactly is happening here and why people are disappearing EN masse in these sinister catacombs. The plot is revealed here to the players gradually, initially you will get only small crumbs that will fully open up to you only as you progress.

The game has a large set of levels that are randomly generated, which means only one thing, each time you will see something new in front of you. Go to play again, the game will show you other levels are made, already exclusively for the sake of this download The Greedy Cave on Android not only possible, but also necessary. A feature of the game is that often the monsters do not attack first, so if you do not show aggression, you have a good chance to just pass by half of the monsters, without wasting time on the battle. It should also be noted that if the fight can not be avoided, you will be given a little time to prepare, you can think through your strategy and just decide how you want to act.

The interface is convenient, but at the same time you will constantly receive a large flow of information about completing quests, gaining experience, and much more. Unfortunately, constantly popping up information, even if it is extremely relevant, can at the same time be quite a good distraction. Also, you will always see a map with which you can navigate the area. And a set of their own items that can be used in battle. Unnecessary things you can immediately throw away, so that it does not take up space, while something really useful try to store until it is needed. It is also worth noting a really large set of useful uniforms that will be available to you in the game.

game Features:

  • Bright graphics that are striking in their unconventionality;
  • Many interesting tasks;
  • A large set of interesting weapons;
  • A variety of opponents.
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