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    19-04-2022, 09:43
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    Android 4.4+
FictIf - has a type of interactive game that users of different ages can play. Here the players are presented with different stories. Each player becomes the main character. When plots develop, it is necessary to choose situations and dialogues.

After the answer is chosen, the direction of the story with its final denouement depends. At the same time, as the plots develop, the players create the appearance of the characters. Here you can make a change of his hairstyle, clothes, and other individual elements.

FictIf has the appearance of a beautifully executed collection in which interactive stories are collected. There is a romantic background everywhere. Each plot has its own central character, there are several unique decorations that surround everything. There is a formation of the development of the whole narrative, the ending itself. First of all, when a player delves into the process, you need to make a choice of your story. The collection offers several amazing stories that the authors came up with. They have different genres. Therefore, any gamer can find an interesting plot for himself. Time will fly by unnoticed during this game in the long evenings.

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