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Eternium – quite an interesting thing, in which you will have to look for adventures in a fantasy world, where most of the battles are conducted using magic. The touch screen is extremely convenient, so you can easily hit the enemy with spells, using just a set of simple gestures that are easy enough to remember.

It is also worth emphasizing that the application has a full-fledged Russification, which should greatly facilitate your passage, and at the same time, there is a full-fledged Russification, so if you encounter unclear or difficult places, they will help you understand everything. The game does not need the Internet, you can fully engage in the passage, in any place, wherever you go. The game also boasts that it turned out to be completely free, you will not find paid features here. The internal currency is generally there, but you can completely calmly earn it during the passage.

Starting to play, you will need to choose your character's class, among the available ones you will find, for example, magic and warriors, and understand that each class has its own unique features that will help you during the passage. Download Eternium on andoid, you can already for the sake of such features.
And in the game there are three worlds at the same time, in which you can move, and each has its own solid set of opponents, among which there may be both skeletons and dragons. In between battles, you can regularly explore the world around you, where you can find a lot of useful items. We also need to mention a huge variety of locations, among which you can find both jungles and mountains with caves.

In many places there will be hidden treasures, it will usually be valuable items, among which will be both armor and weapons. In addition, there is a good crafting system, you can combine two items into one, thus increasing all its available characteristics.
There is also a huge number of magic spells that can be regularly studied and then used for their own purposes. There is both defensive and attacking magic. All the abilities of the heroes can be repeatedly improved and pumped, achieving impressive results. It is also impossible not to mention, quite an interesting plot, the story here is generally quite twisted, has a really solid set of branches and branches, and will change depending on your choice, including the choice of characters.

game Features:

  • Interesting graphics and sound;
  • Practical management;
  • Well-thought-out plot;
  • Difficult opponents.
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