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Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition

  • Updated
    22-11-2019, 09:15
  • Name
    Bully: Anniversary Edition
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0+
Bully: Anniversary Edition – at the time the game was very popular, so there is absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that we waited for its transfer to the mobile platform. The toy boasts a huge set of various advantages, here you will find an excellent plot component, and good humor. And in terms of graphics, everything is quite soundly turned out, it is understood only against the background of mobile toys.

The whole story revolves around the school bully, and you have to manage them during the passage, creating a lot of problems to others. You will have to confront both students and teachers in the school. Actually you will have to climb to the top of the school hierarchy, proving to everyone who is in charge. There is also a love line, you can establish a relationship with one of the local girls.
The game boasts a really interesting story component, the story is long enough, and boasts a large number of branches and tasks. The characters you can interact with are actually really many. Download Bully: Anniversary Edition for Android, frankly, you can, as you can see for yourself, if you loved this toy on the computer, then here it, at least, should not cause disappointment.

The interface has flexible settings, so you can easily adjust for any screen, no matter what you have a smartphone was not. You can easily run the toy on it. It is also worth mentioning that there is a multiplayer mode that will allow you to challenge your friends, this game turned out to be quite interesting. Although we must admit that unlike many other games, this is not the most important plus, although in General it is reasonable to take advantage of such an opportunity, it is recommended, it definitely should not disappoint you.
Touch control, turned out to be particularly interesting, you will be able to see the buttons, only in one case, if you really need them, the rest of the time they are not observed. And will not interfere with you, to engage in the passage, which in any case is very nice.
Another nice feature will allow you to save to the cloud, so even if something happens to your smartphone, it will not prevent you. You can easily play on another device. It is also worth noting the lack of advertising, here you will not be able to see anything like this. So during the passage, no interference should arise.

game Features:

  • Crazy but incredibly funny story;
  • Lots of funny moments;
  • Well-designed graphics;
  • Very interesting and functional interface.

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