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Atomas-game first of all should please everyone who likes really interesting experiments with chemicals. In the game you will get an interesting opportunity to mix the most real elements, and then watch what happens as a result. Experiments always look extremely colorful, so they will not leave you disappointed. In addition, during the process, you will regularly receive new elements that can be mixed again. So the game turned out to be quite long, until you get all the possible available elements, in any case, it can take a very long time.

In addition, the game contains in addition to the main and additional modes, you can get access to them without serious problems, but only after you pass the main company, getting all the possible elements, only after this, you can play new modes. For creating new items, you will receive points that will be useful for you to get access to new features of the game. Agree to download Atomas for Android, it will be possible only for the sake of such features. People who love these games will definitely not be able to leave here disappointed.

You will start with the fact that you will need to create hydrogen, after which the rest of the elements of the periodic table will follow. Tasks, which element you will need to create, begin to appear in a chaotic order, so if you ever want to play this game again, you will have to deal with completely new tasks that will make the game a fair share of originality and will serve as a good decoration.

In addition, the additional complexity of the game is given by the fact that the number of elements that you have to create is not infinite. So the number of attempts you will have is very limited, if you spend all the attempts, but do not get the item from the task, you will automatically lose.

In terms of appearance, the game turned out to be quite simple, but in no way bad. For this game, beautiful graphics are not necessary, because its main decoration is a nice gameplay. Sounds in the game are not very much, but they are always in place and serve as a real decoration. And in addition, the game has extremely simple controls, you can literally play with one finger. The game turned out to be shareware, most of the features will be available immediately. But at the same time, to make it easier for yourself to pass, you can spend your real money on some features.

game Features:

  • Interesting gameplay;
  • Quite complex tasks;
  • Simple operation.
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