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Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

  • Updated
    4-02-2021, 09:35
  • Name
    Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0.3+
Asphalt Xtreme – a great racing simulator, created primarily for those who love crazy speed, and just can't live without it. The game turned out to be just incredible, even on a computer, you can play something like this with pleasure in our time. First of all, you should pay attention to the great visual component of the picture, everything looks very realistic and just beautiful, the last one can not be taken away from the game. Especially soundly cars turned out, they are just at the height. Starting to play, you will have to go through a short training, consisting of races on the tracks. Ignore the training is not necessary, it will be really useful, will help you quickly adapt to the features of the game, and just interesting. Unlike most modern games, here you will find a really unobtrusive and just interesting training. In addition, the training has really amazing visual effects that are worth looking at, at least out of curiosity. After completing the training, you will get the first car under your control, after which you will be able to go for a ride around the world.

The gameplay here is quite simple, you have to win one racing season, and only then will be able to get access to the new one, but until you win, you will have to try to pass the old one again. The races here are quite complex, artificial intelligence acts quite competently, so that the opponents are confident, moving forward, and the cars of your competitors will be fast, so it will be very difficult to get around them. Winning races, you will receive prizes in monetary terms, which in turn should be spent on improving the characteristics of your car, or save up to buy better transport in the future. There are really a lot of improvements that you can make on your transport, and you can work not only on the racing characteristics, but also on the appearance of the car. There are a lot of ways to decorate your car, make it bright and simply unique. In addition to participating in races, perform all sorts of complex tricks, for them you can also get a variety of useful bonuses. In addition, for the rapid passage of missions, you can also get some additional bonuses. Already for the sake of such a variety of features you can download Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing on Android.

game Features:

  • Interesting and well-developed trails;
  • A large set of really decent cars;
  • Beautiful graphic component;
  • Thoughtful management that will make your life much easier.

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