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    6-12-2018, 13:27
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    Android 4.0.3+
Synthesia-here you have a synthesizer simulator, the game is perfect primarily for those who love music and prefer to listen to it in any conditions. If you think that all of the above was about you, then you can safely download and enjoy the passage. Music in our time is really loved by many, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that such a simulator enjoys stable popularity, and here we must admit that the game was created mostly for entertainment, but with some desire, you can create really complex and intricate melodies here. While the main thing is that the app does not just allow you to enjoy creating music, there are also some lessons that will allow you to create this music.

Additional advantages of the program include the presence of high-quality Russian-language localization, which will greatly facilitate your handling of it. After all, anyone who just starts to understand the features of the application, thanks to this localization, will quickly learn almost all its features. At the start, you will pass a short training that will quickly introduce you to all the features of the program and teach you how to create the very first simple melodies. The training here is very well done, you will be shown not only the key combination needed to get a particular tune, but also the position for each finger. Download Synthesia for Android, you can agree only for the sake of such features. The app turned out to be really functional, so in any case, it should not leave you disappointed.

After completing the training, you will receive a large set of songs that you can continue to perform during the course of the course. There is a large set of classical melodies that have not lost their relevance in our time. The controls are simple and very functional.with a little practice, you will quickly learn how to extract the most intricate and simply pleasant melodies from the app. The appearance of the app also turned out to be at a height, it is quite pleasant, so it pleases only one of its appearance. At the same time, there are no really bright colors that could distract from the game with their appearance, this can also be attributed to significant such advantages. Some drawback of the game can be considered that it turned out to be only shareware, for some of the features here you will have to pay with real money.

game Features:

  • Large set of available ringtones;
  • Simple but intuitive interface;
  • Many game modes, everyone can find something to their liking.

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