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Farming Simulator 16

Farming Simulator 16

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    24-02-2023, 12:25
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    Farming Simulator 16
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    Android 4.0.3+
The game is perfect for all fans of virtual farm simulators. If you love these games, then do not even doubt, it should be sure to come to your taste. First of all, you should pay attention to a really good graphic component, the picture here is three-dimensional, which as you should understand, can be considered a significant plus. Especially if you pay attention to the game realism in General. Most of these games were made in a frankly cartoon style, so that such realism, as you should understand, just can not leave indifferent.

In the game there will be a huge number of crops with which you can interact, choose the crops that are interesting to you and then enjoy their cultivation. It is also worth emphasizing that the cultivation of different crops requires a different period of time. You may have to wait.

There are also animals, for example, cows and sheep, with them all, as well as with plants, once in a certain period of time, you will receive from them milk or wool. Of course, animals also bring income, selling the obtained resources on the market, you will thus earn money. Download Farming Simulator 16 for Android, you can already for the sake of such a set of advantages. It is also worth noting that the prices on the market are changing dynamically, for example, milk can both rise in price and fall, especially if it is oversupplied.

In addition to working with animals and plants, the toy has the ability to extract useful resources, for example, to cut down the forest. And like you will definitely come in handy, so you can, as an additional earn, though quite good, and provide yourself with cheap resources, which are also sure to fit you for construction. By the way, you can play not only alone, but also with friends on the network, thus competing, whose farm will achieve greater success.

Especially pleases the local technical Park, there is just a colossal set of various agricultural machinery, there are more than fifty different machines, and of course for growing different plants, you will need different machines. So before you start growing something new, you should carefully review what machines you will need, otherwise you will face a situation where the crop has been planted. But here it is impossible to collect it, because there is no necessary equipment.

game Features:

  • Detailed world;
  • Huge amount of available equipment;
  • High level of realism.
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