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LEGO Ninjago Tournament

LEGO Ninjago Tournament

  • Updated
    9-10-2021, 09:27
  • Name
    LEGO Ninjago Tournament
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  • OS version
    Android 4.0.3+
The game was created with one purpose, namely to act as an advertisement for LEGO products, but despite everything it turned out to be very successful. It is possible to tell surely, it is necessary to pay attention to it.
Disadvantages here can act except that the graphic component, all the rest, can be assessed as a solid advantage. It is in any case very interesting and will not make you bored.

Here you are waited by the most severe fights on various arenas where you should enter opposition with the most various opponents. There are a lot of enemies, so do not count on an easy victory. Moreover, you will have to give everything to the full, and your character and opponents have a variety of abilities that will help you achieve decisive victories.
Unlike many previous parts of the series, the world, unfortunately, was not so open. You are mostly waiting for numerous battles, while opportunities to explore the world, have been significantly reduced. However, download LEGO Ninjago Tournament for Android , of course, you can, despite all the above. The game is perfect for all true fans of the universe, if you belong to them, then you, of course, it is here.

The game boasts a really simple control, even a beginner can easily understand all the possibilities of the gameplay. During the battle, you just have time to click on the available virtual buttons, thus attacking the enemy. Here the victory for the most part, will depend on your reaction, you have to quickly destroy any enemy. It is also worth noting that after the victory there will be elements of the designer, which you can use for your own gain.

At the same time, we recommend paying attention to the graphics, it is quite standard for a series of games, but in General, we must admit that it is not bad. At the very least, true fans of the series, will have to appreciate something in this spirit, very highly. However, despite its not particularly pretty appearance, the items were perfectly detailed. So they have for the similar, you should rate highly enough.
It is also worth noting that the toy has a really good Russian-language localization, which should be good to facilitate the process of passing you. In the rest, it is clearly visible that the developers have tried to do something really unusual, the result is something at the same time similar to previous developments, but having a whole series of really unique differences.

game Features:

  • Many challenging opponents;
  • Sound optimization of the application.

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