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LEGO Star WarsTM: The Complete Saga

LEGO Star WarsTM: The Complete Saga

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    15-12-2021, 10:59
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    LEGO Star WarsTM: The Complete Saga
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    Android 4.0+
LEGO series-games created by LEGO, in order to advertise their products, but to say that it turned out bad, it is impossible to say. It is more than safe to say that here before us is one of the best advertisements that this world has ever seen. It turned out to be interesting and dynamic, you will definitely find something to see here.

The main feature of the toy, is that there were collected all the games dedicated to Star Wars, which were only created by the company. If you are a real fan of TOYS, here you can find a huge number of really good moments for yourself, so you do not need to pass by, your ignoring the toy just does not deserve.

You will have to survive a huge number of battles and battles unfolding in the vast galaxy. Graphics immediately need to admit quite mediocre, or rather we can say that it is strongly on the fan, but this is the only major drawback of the game, then there are solid advantages. It boasts an excellent plot, interesting characters, pleasant humor, and not less worthy music. In this regard, as you can quickly see, everything is great. download LEGO Star WarsTM: The Complete Saga on Android, you can already for the sake of such a set of undoubted advantages. Any fan of the universe, will be delighted with this.

It's worth noting that most of the key characters that exist in the universe are present here, with the most interesting ones at least. You will be able to meet and interact. You can choose a side and participate in a variety of battles, both on the side of the Jedi and the Sith, so whatever side you prefer, do not doubt, it will be here. Management is quite interesting, it can be safely called really practical, exactly what is needed for full operation on the touch screen.

Some disadvantage can be considered is the lack of the Russian language, though the disadvantage is really significant, as you can see for yourself. The storyline here is an important component, so if you do not fully understand it, it will bring you only a lot of inconvenience. However, quite perishing play not would prevent. But the application was very well optimized, which will allow you to fully run it, even on old smartphones, about new and does not have to talk.

game Features:

  • exclusive character set;
  • A large and open world to explore;
  • You will find a lot of interesting battles;
  • The world is well designed, and pleases a solid number of interesting objects.

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