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Pocket Rogues

Pocket Rogues

  • Updated
    13-01-2021, 12:37
  • Name
    Pocket Rogues
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  • OS version
    Android 4.1+
Pocket Rogues: Ultimate-a fun game, made in a retro style, in it you will find yourself in a fantasy world, where then you will have to go through a huge number of different adventures. The graphics here are reminiscent of what we could see in the games of the 90s, but this does not make the toy bad, on the contrary, gives it a solid share of originality. It seems to give us a reminder of old times. So if you are a fan of retro style, you can not even doubt. You, most likely here, but at the same time fans of new modern graphics, something in a similar spirit, most likely not to like, and a similar trouble, you also have to take into account. The toy was created exclusively for a certain audience, and people who are not included in it, most likely just do not like it.
Most of the time, you will have to navigate through an ancient dungeon filled with a variety of enemies. Still here somewhere can be hidden huge treasures, and now your key goal will be to find them all.

There are not only ordinary monsters, but also bosses, especially dangerous creatures that can bring you a lot of trouble. Download Pocket Rogues: Ultimate on Android, you can already for the sake of such opportunities, you yourself will be able to quickly make sure that the game turned out to be incredibly worthy. As a rule, to defeat each boss, you need to think through your own balanced tactics, the only way you can confidently win. Attack the weaknesses of the enemy, and at the same time, to protect their own.
The main character can be pumped, developing the necessary abilities for you and ignoring everything else. Pumping is quite interesting, but depending on your choice, or rather on what tactics you prefer to use, some of the available skills may simply be unnecessary.

game Features:

  • Difficult fights, opponents will deliver a lot of problems, act very confident, so if you do not want to lose, give your all and do not allow yourself to relax;
  • There are literally a huge number of characters, so many of them that literally rows in the eyes. Moreover, this applies to both the characters available to you for passing, and a variety of opponents;
  • You will have the opportunity to create your own unique and interesting castle, which will be stunning in its capabilities, and has many features in terms of development and improvement;
  • Every minute presents its surprises, here regularly happens something unexpected that can surprise;
  • Each location will be well-designed and has its own set of differences.

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