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Cockroach Simulator

Cockroach Simulator

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    1-12-2019, 10:24
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    Cockroach Simulator
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    Android 2.3+
Cockroach simulator-a fun game that will make you feel nimble and annoying insects. Thanks to this, it affects the most, we must admit that such analogues, almost does not exist, so that due to the lack of competitors, the toy and affects the most. Like many popular games, it was originally created for the PC, but was quickly optimized for mobile devices based on Android, but the transfer of the game successfully retained all the main advantages.

Starting to play, you will be able to choose the side for which you want to play. There are not only cockroaches, but also people. Each side has its advantages and disadvantages. When playing for an insect, you will not be able to cause critical harm to a person, but you are very nimble, you can eat his products and hide in a variety of hard-to-reach places. The owner of the house has a huge size that allows you to quickly deal with the pest, and a variety of household chemicals. But to track down a cockroach is quite difficult, the size in this regard, unfortunately, at times only interfere.

Another fun feature is the online mode, in which you can arrange a confrontation against other players. At the same time, up to ten people can play here, and if desired, one can play for the owner of the property, and the rest for his enemies, giving the toy a solid share of originality. Download Cockroach Simulator for Android, you can already for this.

The graphics turned out to be quite well worked out here, but at the same time we must admit that it does not pull the title of a masterpiece. The set of sound effects is also nice, you will hear a lot of really interesting sounds here. But the most important thing is to understand the passage, you will have to rush with great speed around the room, avoiding the person who is chasing you almost on the heels. Wherever you hide, he will purposefully pursue you.

However, the pest has a lot of opportunities for survival, for example, he will be able to confidently run not only on the floor, but also on vertical surfaces, and even on the ceiling upside down. However, even there you should not relax, because a person can quite aptly throw a variety of objects at you. Play for the old man, however, is also very interesting, to hunt down an incredibly nimble insect. It is very difficult to understand, but such an interesting task will be able to tighten you and not let go for an incredibly long time.

game Features:

  • Very unusual gameplay;
  • Affect the ability of a cockroach, he's fast to impossible;
  • Convenient control;
  • Excellent app optimization.

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