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Worms 2: Armageddon

Worms 2: Armageddon

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    20-01-2022, 18:20
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    Worms 2: Armageddon
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    Android 2.2+
Worms 2: Armageddon – a fun game in which you will have to dive into a confrontation between two groups of well-armed, and really dangerous worms. Here before you is the second part, but in General, from the first it does not differ in anything special, you need to completely destroy the squad of enemy worms. Just need to add that, like the first part, this appeared initially on the computer, and only after a time was transferred to the mobile platform. But at the same time, during the transfer, the game almost lost nothing, moreover, all the most basic advantages remained in their places.

The main difference from the first part, now you can choose the place where you want to fight. You can not only choose your favorite map from a fairly large set, but also completely create something new from scratch. In addition, there is a really huge set of various weapons, the number against the background of the first part has increased significantly. You can either destroy the enemy with grenades, for example, or arrange an air RAID with which to bomb its positions.

There is an opportunity to fight not only against the computer, but also against live players. This possibility is the most interesting, because as you should understand, live players are always much more dangerous than AI, because a person is able to act unpredictably, present a lot of surprises, unlike a computer, which for the most part acts in a template, and you can always adapt to such a set of actions. download Worms 2: Armageddon for Android, you can already only for the sake of this. There are also worms with new dangerous abilities, in addition to the usual fighters, there are more interesting characters that you can use to achieve victory as soon as possible. The game is not particularly demanding on your device, even on weak devices, although before installing it, it is recommended to make sure that the characteristics of your device are exactly suitable for running the application. The interface is still in English, but the developers promise to fix it. In addition, this can not be considered a very key drawback, because the interface turned out to be extremely convenient, so you can easily deal with it in the shortest possible time, even without knowledge of the language.

game Features;

  • Excellent graphics, all the characters are depicted very funny, so they consistently please with their appearance;
  • A huge set of weapons, you can easily find something to your liking here;
  • Destruction of opponents, accompanied by fun effects that cause delight;
  • The set of sounds is not inferior to the graphics, the sounds are very funny.

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