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Rаging Тhundеr 2

Rаging Тhundеr 2

  • Updated
    26-10-2018, 19:25
  • Name
    Rаging Тhundеr 2
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  • OS version
    Android 1.6+
Nowadays, there are really a lot of good racing simulators, but regularly created something new and extraordinary. Here before you is one such good game, which in any case, deserves your attention.

It can please with excellent graphics and well-designed world, there are a lot of complex locations that will be able to delay you for the whole day. There is a large selection of available transport, among which you will find many of the most interesting models to your liking. There is a solid set of game modes, among which you will even find a mode that allows you to play with live players. But artificial intelligence is also frankly not bad, so that the confrontation with it will not seem boring to you. Download Rаging Тhundеr 2 for Android, it is already only for the sake of this. Fans of speed and grandiose races, they will not be able to leave here disappointed with all their desire.

I am also happy with the overall complexity, most of the races available here, they are incredibly complex and will make you give everything literally to the full. The difficulty is primarily due to the fact that there is a really strong artificial intelligence, so that your enemies on the tracks are just very competent, almost like professional racers, which will add to your problems.
Download Rаging Тhundеr 2 free for android
Download Rаging Тhundеr 2 for Android v.1.0.17
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