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Pokémon Duel

Pokémon Duel

  • Updated
    23-02-2019, 16:00
  • Name
    Pokémon Duel
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    Android 4.1+
Pokemon Duel – a game dedicated to the notorious pokemon. Even if the latter appeared a long time ago, they have been consistently popular for more than one year. So the number of their fans in our time is quite high. Moreover, among the fans of these creatures, there are both small children and well-established adult personalities. In the game you will have to train your Pets, develop a variety of attacks, in order to use them in battles against other creatures. You will have to regularly enter into a confrontation with numerous opponents, in which you will have to prove that you are the best.

Starting to play, you can choose six pokemon, which then have to train and take care of them in every way. Try very carefully to select pokemon, remember, you must have a set of fighters who can help out literally in any situation. Here you need to add that at the start of the ability of your characters will not hit something incredible, potentially strong pokemon initially quite weak. And at the same time, with proper training, you can bring up a really strong creature from any fighter. Each pet has its own set of unique attacks, so train them as carefully as possible, because the strength of your attacks depends on training. Download Pokemon Duel for Android, you can already for the sake of this.

The gameplay is quite interesting, and the battles are somewhat reminiscent of chess, you move your pokemon around the field, using their unique abilities to eliminate opponents. During the battle, you can use all sorts of abilities, for example, to change one fighter to another, if the abilities of the first pokemon are not enough to guarantee victory over the enemy, or you feel that your fighter will soon lose. As a rule, all your starting pokemons are released on the battlefield at the same time, so in some way you will see team fights here. The best way to disable an enemy is to surround them with your Pets. Regarding training, you should train not only the individual characteristics of your Pets, but also to achieve a well-coordinated team work, skillfully manipulate them so as to cover the weaknesses of some Pets, the strengths of others. There are a lot of abilities for the development of your Pets, but it will not be easy to develop them to the maximum level. However, they can fully fight after a series of high-quality training.

game Features:

  • A large set of Pets that you can work with;
  • Many interesting abilities suitable for battle;
  • All popular pokemon are present here.

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