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    26-05-2022, 22:26
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    Stunt Car Extreme
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    Android 5.0+
The Lost Vikings is a game with different controls. Most often, games for DOS offer the use of keyboard arrows. One day the Vikings are kidnapped by a Tomator. He is the emperor to whom the alien Krutonian empire obeys. Escaping with the help of a gateway on a spaceship, they need to go through various unusual locations to find their way home.

Eric, Baleog, Olaf are the names of three Vikings. there are three health points. They sometimes lose them after being wounded by enemies or falling from a great height. These characters have the ability to carry items. Heroes use keys, bombs, food. With their help, health is restored. Every Viking has his own abilities.

Eric manages to run faster compared to others. His helmet allows you to break through the wall. Baleog can kill enemies with his sword or from afar with a bow. The bow is used to hit the switches from a distance. Olaf blocks enemies with their projectiles. He uses the shield as a hang glider. Olaf's shield can also be used as a springboard for Eric. He gives him the opportunity to lift to a hill. When there was no shield, it was impossible to do this.
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