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    11-03-2023, 20:52
  • Name
    Sky Force Reloaded
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    Android 4.1+
Sky Force Reloaded-an interesting shooter in which you will find a huge variety of complex battles in outer space. The game can please incredibly good and colorful effects, the world turned out to be extremely bright, it shines and shimmers with colors. Also in the game you will find a large set of flying equipment that can be used for battle. And not less a large set of enemies that can deliver a lot of problems. Starting to play, you will pass a short training, which should not be ignored, because it can help you understand the basics of training. You will learn to pilot your vehicle, understand exactly how to destroy enemies, as well as how to avoid their retaliatory attacks.

Management here turned out to be simple and uncomplicated, so that you will not see any special problems from it. Control the aircraft, you have with just one finger. To destroy the enemy, as a rule, only a few well-aimed hits are enough, the main thing is to aim accurately and you can shoot down anyone. But if the enemy aircraft to cope simply enough, then here are all sorts of ground weapons, I can have some problems, because to destroy them, as a rule, much more difficult. Download Sky Force Reloaded on Android, it is already exclusively for the sake of the above, fans of really cheerful and interesting games, from what they see will be delighted.

Heavy artillery mounted on the ground, can often bring your transport out of action, literally with a single volley, so do not be substituted, try to fight so that the opponents could not get you. In addition, the enemy has homing missiles, to resist the latter is especially very difficult, because they will follow you even if you try to evade. Receiving bonuses from the destroyed enemies, you can strengthen the armor of your ship, add additional weapons, install rocket launchers, and simply strengthen all the characteristics of your transport by an order of magnitude. As a rule, as you progress through you will receive a variety of tasks, but in General the meaning of one you destroy the enemy and try to save the people met. Completing the passage of one card, you are sure to encounter a well-armed enemy, and only after defeating him, you will be able to move to another card. Often destroy boss with the first attempts not is obtained, so that will require several approaches.

Feature of game:
  • Well-designed graphics;

  • Numerous weapons available in combat;

  • A lot of interesting enemies;

  • A variety of passing modes.
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