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The Last Vikings

The Last Vikings

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    26-05-2022, 22:24
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    The Last Vikings
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    Android 4.1+
The Lost Vikings is a game with different controls. Most often, games for DOS offer the use of keyboard arrows. One day the Vikings were kidnapped by Tomator. He is the head of one empire. The heroes escape with the help of a gateway on a spaceship. They need to go through different unusual locations. There are always obstacles in their way.

Viking characters are called Eric, Baleog, Olaf. They sometimes lose them after being wounded by enemies or falling from a great height. These characters have the ability to carry items.
In comparison with the rest of the participants, Eric develops quite a lot of speed. His helmet allows you to break through the wall. Baleogu will simply deal with enemies using a sword or a bow from a distance.

The bow is used to hit the switches from a distance. The main characters need to use different items. They have to collect the stars that they come across on the road.
Olaf once made a blocking of enemies with their shells. He uses the shield as a hang glider. Olaf's shield can also be used as a springboard for Eric. He gives him the opportunity to lift to a hill.

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