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Fernanfloo Party

Fernanfloo Party

  • Updated
    10-05-2022, 15:43
  • Name
    Fernanfloo Party
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  • OS version
    Android 4.4+
Fernanfloo Party is a game that belongs to the genre of casual games. The main character of the plot is a YouTuber. So far, the game consists of two not very big games. To add chorizo to the stack, you need to make a jump when necessary. Points are given in greater numbers when they make jumps to a greater height. However, when jumping at random, you will need to start from the beginning. An endless diagonal runner game with an overview from above. The road for Fernanflu is filled with various obstacles and hindrances. You should always get rid of them.

You definitely need to attend a party organized by Fernanflu. Moreover, during the game we will be able to unlock a whole bunch of Fernanfloos with different costumes and designs, for example, with pets. Meanwhile, the game has very cool pixel graphics with large blocks like Minecraft (albeit a little better) that will cause a smile or two. The followers of this YouTuber will love this game.

Visit the fantastic Fernanfloo party! You will not be bored, because exciting mini-games are waiting for you! Collect all the characters from your company (dog, frog, banana, ninja, bird, cat, witch, girl, pig, superhero sausage, nerds) and go on a real journey. Endlessly jump on flying blocks and put them on top of each other, reaching the sky as high as possible, run along a long road and overcome obstacles by reacting quickly or using additional features.

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