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Fernanfloo Party

Fernanfloo Party

  • Updated
    6-05-2022, 14:41
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    Fernanfloo Party
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    Android 4.1+
Fernanfloo Party is a game that has the form of casual entertainment. It consists of several not very big games. They have one main character. Who needs help in passing lengthy tests. He is tested for dexterity and reaction speed.

The boy Ferneflu woke up and found that he was in an unknown castle. Now he will need to get out of it. Therefore, in the game you need to help him with this. To find a way out, our character will need to go through many rooms and corridors. The rooms will be closed and you should carefully inspect everything and find items that will help you open the doors. Remember that various monsters live in the castle and various traps are set. You will have to avoid all these dangerous places. Your intelligence will help you in this. By solving certain puzzles, you can kill monsters or disable traps.

This is an entertaining online game originally written in French. The game involves a saw Pig, which is called evil, curly, and a player who is called Fernanflu here. Curly was abducted by a Pigsty. The player is expected to save him before the Saw eats him. The player must also rescue his family and friends from the ghost realm in pursuit of Curly.
Fernanflu fights every day with animals that come between him and his mission. It works with a set of commands, signs and numbers to get to the destination. To play the game successfully, you need to understand these commands and signs and how to use them before the monster gets to you. You are also required to be very quick in making decisions and press the button that can save your life.

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