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Wish : Beyond Fate

Wish : Beyond Fate

  • Updated
    19-04-2022, 09:33
  • Name
    Wish : Beyond Fate
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    Android 5.0+
Wish:Beyond Fate - turned out to be an interesting and exciting game. There are many elements in it that belong to the classic RPG. There are mechanics that the puzzle contains. It is called three in a row.

The adventure puzzle contains graphics and anime style.
Everyone on the continent called Istafil is scared of the Empress. Therefore, each character who has unique abilities needs to defeat the evil that is constantly coming at them. Here you can see the elf Pontifex, meet a knight princess, a vampire, and other girls. All these characters will readily assist in passing any tests. The game has unusual combinations of ordinary parts.

The main character and his friends will travel together with the player. Their wanderings contain various difficulties. The team will face strong opponents who must be defeated. These enemies want to destroy everyone in the world. The essence of the gameplay is that there are battles containing new mechanics. It is necessary to clear the field of identical elements. The user needs to fight with opponents. The player is presented with the opportunity to learn different skills and special items.
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