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    30-04-2022, 14:14
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    Android 4.4+
Summoners Greed is a game that calls to another world. There is an interesting array of rocks, stones and pedestals in front of you. You rub your eyes, a little confused, as it seems that you are standing on a cliff. Suddenly you feel a light touch on your hand, as if someone wants your attention. You turn around and see a man in a raincoat, who pulls you to a chest standing a little away from the strange array. He gestures for you to put down a few pieces and summon a few more. Now you are the summoner's defense master, and you have to guard his treasures. To protect the greed of the Summoner, you need to be ready for anything. A growing concept has been implemented: you have a variety of pedestals and areas. Next, you can place monsters and minions so that they follow your orders.

Waves of enemies will be coming at you, from simple knights to evil dominators, as well as champions brandishing axes. There are also local bosses for whom you will have to report. Using everything at your disposal, you must survive all waves of enemies without surrendering any, and not let them take the Summoner's treasure chest. As with all games, there are simple tactics and techniques that you can use to stay ahead of the game. Here are some of them that will help you stay one step ahead of your enemies.

Unlike most other Tower Defense games, this game has blocks that can be broken. In particular, these blocks are rocks that can destroy heavy and large units. These stones usually hold the array in a rigid serpentine pattern, but if you eventually let them break, the paths that enemies can take will suddenly split into about three to four different routes. Thus, ensuring that these blocks are not broken will help maintain a rigid structure so that your towers can attack and kill invaders and scavengers quickly and efficiently.

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